Official MVR Rules Summary

The following is a summary of the official Maple Valley Redneck Racing General Competition Regulations.

Driver Eligibility
o Drivers must be 18 years of age.
o All drivers must sign a release discharging the MVR and enumclaw fair from liability.

Mower Eligibility

o Events are open to all self-propelled rotary or reel style riding lawn mowers.
o The mower must originally have been designed and sold commercially to mow lawns.
o It must maintain the factory frame, Use a mower Transaxle or rearend and be powered by a lawn mower engine. No more that 2 cylinders per engine.

Technical Inspection
o Every mower entered in any MVR event must be approved for competition by Technical Inspection. all moving parts will be inspected for any altering. it is up to MVR to refuse any mower that is not safe. BUT YOU STILL RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK....
o Any mower may be re-inspected at any time by the Chief Steward or Chief Technical Inspector.

Mower Requirements

o Non-stock mowers must be equipped with an automatic throttle closing device.
o All mowers must be equipped with an engine safety cut-off switch.
o Mower brakes must be in good condition, operating on at least 2 wheels.
o Fuel must be pump gas. The only additive allowed is STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer.

Driver Safety Equipment
o Every driver must wear an automobile racing or motorcycle-type safety helmet.
o Every driver shall wear long pants, and shoes on the track.
o It is MANDATORY that all drivers wear eye protection.